After Party


Oculus Rift/DK1/DK2 - HTC VIVE Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

Hot Pearl is very excited to attend a big company party with her boyfriend. She loves him and wants to have fun together. Instead of being on his best behavior, he gets drunk and passes out immediately after the party. Embarrassed, she tries to wake him up so he can apologize for his behavior. He is unresponsive. She asks her boss to forgive him and begs him to keep him in the company. Hot Pearl doesn’t want her boyfriend to lose his job and is very happy when her boss agrees to stay and even comforts her. In this dark VR porn episode, he strokes her hair and she starts to feel very turned on. She hasn’t had sex with her boyfriend in a long time and his touch is driving her a little crazy. Hot Pearl tries again to wake her man, but he is still passed out. When she turns back to her boss, she is shocked to see his cock in his hand. It is hard and so much bigger than her boyfriend’s. She just has to taste it and slide it right between her lips. Being so naughty in the same bed as her man has her so worked up that she doesn’t even notice when he finally wakes up. Her boss does and turns her around so he can push her head down onto her man’s cock while he fucks her from behind. Hot Pearl has never had two cocks at once but loves it immediately. Feeling them both hard and inside of her at once is incredibly sexy. Her boss is so powerful and confident and that only made her boyfriend fuck her harder when he got the chance. She enjoyed being her boss’ special little VR porn slut and making both of their dicks explode big loads of cum just for her. She is going to keep this job for a while and maybe the boyfriend too if he keeps fucking her like this.

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