Alexxa Vice in the VAN


Oculus Rift/DK1/DK2 - HTC VIVE Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

Busty Brit Alexxa Vice turns tricks in the back of the van, uploaded. With a fantastic body covered in tantalizing tattoos she’s too hot to handle with her dirty talk too. It seems that every hole’s a goal as Alexxa swallows her man every way she can, she’s absolutely gagging for hot cock. With her Hulk green hair, she’s a filthy phenonium, wrapping her voluptuous juicy pierced lips around a big dick is a joy for her and that’s not all, her sexy well-spoken accents bring a horny dirty talker throughout the show, this Alexxa’s a real smart speaker. Where else will that cock go? Sucking cock like a lollypop, she can barely stop, giving head she gives a great blowjob as she lavishes his cock, spitting on it, sitting on it, her pert ass is a work of art, no wonder his dick is so swollen with excitement. Shifting position, its tit wank time, it must have been a struggle not to ejaculate blowing his cum load in her face, those curvaceous breasts are the best. Another shift, riding cock she makes the van rock, she begs for a good thrusting, “choke me while you fuck me” she pleads, its seriously erotic action, griping her massive breasts adds a real dirty deep primal energy to the scene climax, can you avoid emptying your balls as she gets up close and VR personal? And she just wants more, bent over and taken from behind she moans and keeps on talking dirty, “fuck me like a little toy” she says, you wanna watch a really hot fuck? Then you’re really in luck, Alexxa Vice is in the van, with VR so too are you. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.

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