Asian Massage Parlor


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I came to the Asian massage parlor in the hope of getting rid of the tension and getting my muscles relaxed because the week was really hard, but I got more than I expected. Suki Sin VR master and Lulu Chu VR diamond, beautiful dark-haired Asian hotties, welcomed me to the parlor, saying they were waiting for me. Sure, that sounded nice and sweet and flattered me greatly. They realized I was tense and stressed and needed a massage to get relaxed. Suki Sin and Lulu Chu promised me the best oily Massage in my life, and they didn’t fool me. At first, everything was fine. I was trying to make myself comfortable on the massage table, and both Asian cuties were covering my body with oil with their four talented hands, but then things got different. Naughty chicks ripped the towel off my hips, grabbed my dick, and gave me a deep double blowjob. Excited masseuses didn’t stop at that but moved on to riding my cock in cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, and doggy-style positions. I loved their sweet tits and asses bouncing right in front of my curious eyes. That was the best Asian massage in my life!

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