Cheating With Wifes best Friend


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You have been cheating on your wife for three months and have been seeing her best friend Lola, you have always had some sexual interest in her. Lola is just so irresistible you just could not wait to get down and dirty with her and taste her sweet pussy. When your wife Jasmin is out at work, Lola pays you a visit, she is far from shy and shows you how much she wants your sexy cock up her pussy.
Lola walks forward to you whilst you sit on your sofa with a big hard cock in your boxers, she comes over, she starts to slowly tease you and pulls down her dress, undressing you in her mind. Lola rubs her nice big tits in front of you and pulls off her bra. She turns you on so much! Lola licks her nipples, she giggles in a flirtatious way just longing for you to be inside her. Revealing her sexy round ass she slowly drops her dress down and starts to take off her panties “ooooh don’t you just want to get your hands on this, nice juicy chocolate bottom” she says as she rubs her hands around her arse. She flaunts her ass as much as she can to get your cock hard, you want to burst. Lola comes over to you and undresses you, she starts to give you the most satisfying blowjob you have ever had, even your wife can’t dig it this good.
After Lola has sucked on your cock, she wants to ride you so badly, she sits on your cock and rides you, she knows she is good and loves putting her chocolate pussy lips around your hard cock. She bounces up and down, “I bet your wife doesn’t do this!” as she slowly teases the tip of your cock with her nice wet pussy. Lola grinds her hips as she rubs her clit on top of you. It’s not long before Lola turns around and does reverse cowgirl. You love the fact her BIG SEXY ass is bent over right in front of you whilst your cock slides into her nice wet pussy. You grab her arse and you spank it, she wants more she makes sure she lets you know! Lola bounces her big round peachy ass on your big cock as she moans, your heart rate increases. Your wife is nowhere near as good as this, you wish she was!
Cut the chit chat, now it’s your turn, you want to fuck her, you want to be in control so you have her lying on her back and you thrust your cock in and out while she talks dirty to you teasing the fact your cheating on your wife, but you love it, you love having more than one pussy to fuck. Lola wants this so bad, she is hoping Jasmin doesn’t come home from work so you can push it in her so deep and spunk all over her. You slide your cock in and out of her tight little pussy, wishing your wife’s was this good.
Lola wants you to spunk all over her arse cheeks, you do her from behind as she pushes back onto your big hard dick. She loves it nice and deep into her pussy hole. As you fuck her, her arse cheeks jiggle in rhythm with your hard cock. This is way too much for your sexual pleasure, you reach your climax and orgasm like you have never orgasmed before, you pull your cock out of her pussy and spunk all over her arse cheeks. Yum.

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