Cheerleading Coach


Cheerleading Coach Cheerleading Coach Cheerleading Coach Cheerleading Coach Cheerleading Coach Cheerleading Coach

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Brook Haze has been practicing her routines every day for the past several months. With cheerleading tryouts coming up she wants to make sure she leaves it all on the line when she goes in front of the cheer coaches. She’s got most of the moves down, but there are still a few maneuvers she’s having trouble with and she wants some advice. Thankfully, Michael Vegas is over and hanging out on the couch.
Timidly, Brook approaches Michael, asking for help. Michael, being the gentleman that he is, is more than happy to help her out. Brook begins to show off some of her cheer moves and right away Michael spots one possible problem. She needs help lifting her legs higher. Everything else looks good, but as someone who has spent a good deal with other cheerleaders before, he knows coaches look for higher legs.
Brook isn’t exactly sure what to do, so Michael helps her lift her legs into the best position possible. Helping her hold her legs up doesn’t just give Brook a lift, it gives Michael’s cock a lift as well.
Brook sees the growing bulge in his pants and instantly loses all interest in the cheerleading. Screw practicing her cheerleading. She’d rather practice her screwing.
Pulling his throbbing shaft out of his pants, Brook can’t help but stop and appreciate the specimen. It is incredible. So divine and succulent. She glides the fat cock into her mouth as she works him up to a full hard on.
Of course, sucking Michael’s cock is just the beginning. She glides him down to the ground and mounts her stallion, reverse cowgirl. There’s just nothing like riding a dick with ass slapping against skin. But this is the first time she’s been with Michael, and she wants to feel him inside of her in all directions.
Brook quickly switches it up to standing missionary, where they face each other, then moves down to doggy where it’s Michael’s turn to mount her and fuck her silly. She grabs onto his ass, pulling him into her. It feels to goddamn good. She wants him to cum. She needs him to cum. To reward her. To show her just how good of a slutty cheerleader she really is. Michael spreads Brook’s legs wide, pulls out his cock and unloads his load, giving her a C!…Giving her a U!… giving her some M! M! M! M! What does Brook have?! A pussy covered in cum.

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