Christiana Cinn in “After School”


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Christina Cinn is ready for some after-school fun. She's out getting some sun on her skin only to discover that her pussy’s hot, too. Witness as she lather’s on the oil, rubbing it in to her thonged ass and nice natural tits. Touching herself in the warmth of the sunshine sends signals down below, and she just knows that your big dick is getting hot for her, too. She wants to suck it hard and good, preparing it to thrust inside of her, spilling her hot juices down her ass and legs while she’s bent over loving every second of it. And she wants your cum so bad that she’s going to kneel in front of you and extract every last drop she can.Good thing you stopped by today, because Christiana Cinn is ready to sin with you. Already donning a bikini, the sexy brunette shows you just how horny she already is on this hot, sunny day by oiling up for you After School. Her warm, tan skin is aching to feel your hard dick rubbed all over, but Christiana wants to first taste your meat deep in her mouth before giving her pussy a go. Wrapping her sweet, thick lips around your fat cock never felt so good; this is just what you’ve been waiting for all day. Her sensual blowjob lures you indoors, where Christiana has the privacy to have her way with you and your dick. It’s a quiet afternoon and most people are still at work, but you’re fucking Christiana Cinn!

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