Crystal Clark, London Laurent in “The Office”


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Whenever I make a delivery to Crystal Clark and London Laurent I get excited. Those babes are fucking hot. I even run into Crystal from time to time at the gym. Today was my lucky day for sure! I delivered some food to Crystal and London, and they invited me into their office this time. Once inside, things quickly get naughty. London starts eating Crystal's pussy while I watch and get hard. Then they proceed to give me a double titty fuck and fantastic blowjob all before I unleash my huge load on their big tits.I've been delivering sandwiches to an office where two very hot girls and I think I've seen one of them at the gym, too. Lately, they've been flirting with me when I drop off their lunchtime meals. This time they invited me into their office and I knew where this was going. I have to say I was surprised when London Laurent said she was so hungry and proceeded to eat Crystal's pussy! It made me rock hard and they saw the bulge in my pants before whipping my dick out to ride every which way.

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