After a big accident, waking up at the hospital can be a huge relief. Your beautiful girlfriend, Blair Williams, has been worried sick, and she got so lonely and horny she couldn’t help messing around with the other couple in the hospital room!

You open your eyes and there she is, touching the very hot Raven Bay, as she rides her man in the other bed. The sound of your voice makes her stop, though, and rushes to your side. Blair is so happy you’re alive she doesn’t want to wait another second to see your big cock. She reaches under your gown and kisses it, before getting out of her sexy black dress. It’s as if knew you were going to wake up today.

Blair loses her bra, showing you those natural C cups, and begins to suck your cock. She’s so enthusiastic about it, even this coma couldn’t stop you from getting rock hard immediately. She climbs on top and sticks your dick in her tight pussy, while Raven keeps sucking her man off to your left.

Blair knows you’ve missed seeing this round little ass of hers, so she turns around to give you an extreme close up of it while she swallows your cock down her throat. She asks you to finger her asshole, and you kindly oblige.

She can’t keep it off her pussy for long, though. Blair is like a kid in a candy store right now. Watching her grinding that ass as you penetrate her deeply is getting your flatline going much faster now. Put your Oculus on and watch Blair ride your dick and deep-throat you into a speedy recovery. It sure is doing wonders for the guy in the next bed, as he comes on Raven’s face while Blair takes your big load all over hers. This might as well be VR porn heaven!

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