From The Vault: Meet The Girl Of Your Dreams!


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Do you ever fantasize about your favorite video game characters? You know, the ones that you grew up playing that have the perfect body and daring attitude? It is probably a safe bet to say that the first name that comes to mind is Laura Croft from Tomb Raider. You just finished playing a few hours of the game and dozed off on the couch dreaming about Laura's beautifully fit and tanned body pressed up against yours. Her dark brown eyes looking up into yours as she slowly swallows your cock. This dream is like no other though. Everything feels real and like you are there! Eliza Ibarra is standing right in front of you dressed like your favorite video game character and her pussy is dripping wet. Eliza is in your room and ready to let you live out your dirtiest childhood fantasy. Her skin-tight shorts don't stay on very long and before you know it, Laura Croft, I mean Eliza Ibarra is sucking you off and taking your dick like the world depends on it.

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