Gaping Pilates


Oculus Rift/DK1/DK2 - HTC VIVE Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

Meet Czech MILF Brittany Bardot, this busty blonde-ish babe is not just a bit of a handful but might even end up full of her own hand!! She’s built an impressive body of porn work, but then again, she’s got an impressive body. Apparently, it’s time for her interpretation of “Gaping Pilates”. Her smooth sexy voice tells us she wants to make our balls explode and frankly, she’s like sex-Semtex. We meet her in an apartment room looking quite the filthy goddess, enough to make things end in a sticky mess. She’s a provocative, talkative chick and is trying to hypnotise your dick, pulling up the elegant olive-green dress we find she has some very seductive blue lingerie revealing her plump boobs and pink bullet-like nipples and warm wet pussy hiding in her panties. Juggling her tits at us she dribbles between them, she knows just what to do, and she’s got some more dribbling to do, this time lubricating her pussy lips. Brittany whips off her panties and has her legs akimbo with her shaved fanny in our faces along with her tight bleached asshole. And she's off to work, on herself, flicking her bean, playing with her “spacious” pussy, just look at those lips, Brittany looks more like Sir Mick Jagger down there, perhaps “she can’t get no satisfaction” with her pussy action. We’ve already admired her rusty sheriff's star butthole when she was opening wide for us, now for the real cowboy show. It’s not quite a “Fist Full of Dollars”, no, this time it’s a fanny full of fingers as she fist-fucks herself into an orgasm, and Brittany Bardot’s done it to perfection. with her finger on the trigger, uncontrollably she cums hard and squirts our camera rig as she jets her orgasmic mix through her fingers as it bursts through her soaking pussy lips. Let's be honest, you’d be more than happy to lick her fingers, make sure you go and wash your own hands though, they might be rather sticky. Reality Lovers takes you there in VR.

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