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Monika Fox has always loved sports. As she entered college, she decided to do her own sports and fitness blog. For her first video blog, she decides to do a workout video in skimpy clothes while talking about her favourite teams. Monika really knows her stuff and the fact that she is easy to look at certainly won’t hurt. The only problem she has is trying to film it herself. Fortunately, she has a stepbrother in his room watching porn on a VR headset who is more than happy to help her out. You can’t believe how hot she looks in her little workout outfit and can barely hold the camera steady as you start to shoot. As she starts working out, you also can’t hide the growing bulge in your own shorts. When she sees what her teasing has done, Monika knows two things. First, she knows that her show is going to be a hit. If it makes her own stepbrother want to fuck her, then the rest of the audience will be easy. Second, she knows she has to have your cock inside of her. She is going to make all of your VR Taboo porn scenes come true. When she grabs your cock, you can’t believe it, but as she aggressively sucks your meat to the bone, you know you have lucked into the time of your life. When you turn her around, you slide your dick into her tight, wet hole until you are balls deep and she panting heavily. Monika loves tasting her cum on your dick and when you get close to shooting, beg to swallow your load as well. The first episode may take longer to shoot than she thought, but she knows she is going to have you back to shoot camera and shoot your cum again and again.

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