Kira’s Sweet Love Lollipop


Oculus Rift/DK1/DK2 - HTC VIVE Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

What you really need to instantly comprehend Kira’s true professionalism is just one glance at her. Her movements are swift and precise, her eyes both hungry and concentrated. No one on the whole Internet is going to deliver you so much pleasure with such a glamorous style as this girl. The thing you can also spot while looking at her attentively is that she can’t but smile all the time while taking care of your shaft. If you’ve been wondering what she has on your mind, the answer is even more than simple. She’s thinking about the time you are going to spend with her. Getting a blowjob facial is just what this kitten truly loves. She’s well aware of the fact that if she wants to get one first, she must deserve it. Kira is persistent in pursuing her dreams. As soon as she makes up her mind about something, she will go for it despite the eventual obstacles. The Ebony VR porn you are going to watch right now is one of the best sorts. This honnie is always in the mood to do its best. This case is not any different. She always makes her point of giving you the most sensual experiences you can get from anyone. Seeing you in complete ecstasy is her current goal. No matter what she will need to do, she’s sure it’s going to be worth it. Is there any better thing to see than a satisfied man after all? Some of us are very demanding. Nonetheless, you are assured of the matter that this girl is going to meet your super-high expectations. Let’s remember, she’s a top-notch actress. In the best VR porn sites like Swallowbay, you can find only such babes. By spending your time with Kira, your arousal is just going to reach its own limits. How can that be achieved? You see, Kira has several ways to attain such a thing. Let’s start with her long, sensual tongue. If the thought that your hand is perfectly enough to make your shaft explode has ever crossed your mind, you will change your mind immediately. The only thing that will be required to such a change of mind is the touch of Kira’s tongue on it. First, it will be so soft that you will be merely conscious of it, however, over time, it will only become increasingly stronger. If you ever wondered how good is VR porn, you should see a video with this girl. It won’t be too long until you start imploring her to do a suck job. Once she gets to it, you will be witness to the best full-length blowjob VR porn you can find anywhere. Afterwards, once she’s done with giving you a head, what you can focus on is getting your big penis into her tiny pussy. By granting her such an honour, you will gain her ever-lasting gratitude. And I don’t need to say out loud how this girl is going to repay you...

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