Kylie Page in “After School”


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As if Kylie Page’s big natural tits aren’t enough, she’s made the decision to oil them up for me outside, where the sun will shine down on those gleaming globes, and they’ll shake, jiggle and bounce – the perfect tease before I grab ahold of them from behind as I fuck the horny blonde doggystyle. It’s After School, and Kylie Page is patiently awaiting me and my big dick. She’s stretching and exercising, too, getting her blood pumping in preparation to climb atop me and ride my cock until she’s breathless. Once she recovers she’ll take my cock in her mouth, as deep down her throat as it’ll go before I turn her around to place her beautiful ass in my face. Kylie’s been waiting for this moment for a long while! Waiting is never fun, which is why Kylie Page is doing something different and turning it into something to relish. Instead of twiddling her thumbs as she anticipates your arrival After School, Kylie readies both you and herself for what’s to come. She steps outside, unleashes her big natural tits from her bikini top, peels her bottoms from her delicious ass, and oils up, lathering her skin in the hot sun. You’ll want to stick your already-hard dick in between her melons when you see them in all their glistening glory in the heat of that bright burning star in the sky. And to prepare for the hearty fuck she’s going to give you in this VR experience, Kylie adds a little workout to her outdoor exercise. But sweat will really start to pour once you step inside, pull your cock out and start pounding Kylie’s pussy like she wants you to. Feel those big titties dangle and bounce in your face as she rides your fat dick. Aren’t you glad you stopped by?

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