Lesbian Friends With Benefits Part 2


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Previous to Candi Kayne and Carly Rae’s luxurious sex session in the hot tub and bathroom, they decided to get comfier and head off into the bedroom for more kinky fun. Both naked Candi is rubbing her hands all over Carly’s body “very very very horny, it feels good with another woman, doesn’t it?” as Carly is getting really turned on by Candi caressing her. “The feel of your hands all over my body” Carly moans quietly. Candi is so horny she bends over to Carly’s breast and starts to lick her nipples, both girls are so wet and excited they moan together. They start to kiss in a seductive way “God I am getting so wet, feeling those titties man it makes me drip” Candi whispers closers to Carly as she moans and groans, she kisses Carly’s breasts some more. Now Carly decides it’s her turn she licks her fingers and starts to fondle with Candis breasts, she kneels closer and starts to suck on Candi’s nipples “oh lick me everywhere” Candi moans. Carly runs her hands down Candi’s stomach and licks her. They start to kiss, licking each other’s tongues. “let me lie down and get your head between those legs” Candi groans as she lies back on the bed and spreads her legs wide open “good girl” as Carly kneels over to lick her wet throbbing clit. Carly starts to lick Candi’s pussy and shakes her head vigorously. “Yeah, that’s it, oh yeah baby girl that feels so good!” Candi is loving having her pussy rubbed with Carly’s tongue. Carly starts to rub Candi’s pussy with her fingers and Candi moans louder “yeah go on, spit all over it” as Carly spits on her clit and starts to lick it off. “you dirty little bitch” says Candi and then moans really loud “you just nearly had me cumming then.”
“Now let me taste you” Candi throws her leg back over and they swap positions Carly is so eager to get her pussy sucked “you wanna taste me?” as they both get up to swap positions they can’t help but just kiss each other “am I gonna taste myself first on your tongue, gimme that tongue and ill suck it” she starts to make loud kissing noises as she sucks Carly’s tongue. Carly lies down on her stomach with her sexy arse perked up in the air, she opens her legs wide and Candi starts to play with Carly’s wet pussy. Carly is so horny she moans louder, Candi is turning her on so much “mmm you like that?” asks Candi as she rubs her pussy and arsehole. Candi spits straight onto her pussy and licks it, then starts to rub it with her fingers before she gets her tongue straight into her pussy lips. “Oh fuck! You’re so damn good!” Carly groans. Candi rubs harder onto Carly’s clit and tells her “a woman can do to a woman what men can’t do” and she kisses her back and rubs her pussy. “We know what feels good” as Candi puts her head between Carly’s legs and licks her pussy hole.
They play some more before they both start to move position. Candi asks Carly “why don’t you get on my face? I’ve got a nice little dildo in the drawer behind me, a nice dildo for you to insert right inside my pussy” Candi starts to rub her pussy sat back on the bed with her legs wide open as Carly gets up and goes to get the dildo out of the drawer. “That’s the one baby girl, ooooh you horny little bitch now get that pussy on my face so you can fuck me with it!” says Candi. Carly leans over and starts to kiss Candi, she gets onto the bed and sits over Candi’s face and bends forward with her tits over Candi’s pussy, “Go on now fuck me with it” Candi demands Carly, Carly starts to rub Candi’s clit with it as Candi spreads her legs wider in the air. “Oh, fucking insert it in, all the way”, tells Candi. Carly carries on fucking her with the dildo as Candi rubs her clit and sucks Carly’s pussy. Both girls are so wet. “you fucking dirty bitch I’m dripping wet!” shouts Candi as they both moan loudly.
The camera moves angle to see the girls sidewards as Candi fucks Carly’s wet pussy with the dildo. Carly backs herself up onto the dildo shaking her arse and rubbing her stomach on Candi’s pussy. “Go on the fucking take it!” says Candi as she shakes Carly’s arse in her hand.
Now we can see Candi fucking Carly with the dildo whilst Carly rubs her arsehole. She pushes it in and out so quickly Carly wants to cum. Candi starts to push the dildo in and out of her pussy really slow, twisting it around. “mmmm, you like that?” asks Candi “Yeah I fucking love that” says Carly.
“Well do you know what I’ve got for you? I’ve got something very very special to put in there, for me and you baby girl we can share the pleasure of it, jump up”. Candi is opening up Carly’s pussy hole dreaming of putting this little surprise in there, Carly jumps up and waits on the bed sucking her fingers as Candi goes and gets the surprise out of the draw. Candi gets back on the bed, “I’ve got a little surprise for ya”, “What is it?” Carly s turned on waiting. Candi pulls out a double ended pink dildo from behind her back and starts to suck on the end, Carly joins in, she takes the other end and puts it in her mouth, they both suck on the dildo for a while and kiss each other.
Candi and Carly face opposite sides and both insert the dildo into their pussies. They bounce back on each other’s arse and fuck each other with the massive dildo. Candi and Carly both put one leg in the air and push off each other as the dildo is inside both of their pussies, “This is so beautiful” moans Candi. They both start to orgasm as they bounce the dildo back and forth into each other’s pussy. The rhythm slows as they both cum together, Candi pulls out the dildo gently “do you think you will be back again?” she asks Carly, “I WILL be back again!”

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