Lesbian Friends With Benefits


Oculus Rift/DK1/DK2 - HTC VIVE Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

Carly Rae & Candi Kayne are lesbian friends with benefits! Watch these two sexy girls in this hot VR Porn scene. Carly needs cheering up as she has broken up with her boyfriend. Candi knows exactly what will cheer her up and asks her if she has ever been with a woman. She has only ever kissed another girl but she is curious.
Candi loves hot lesbian sex and really fancies her friend so she moves in on Carly and gives her a cheeky kiss. Carly likes it, so they moves in for more. Candi picks up a strawberry and starts nibbling and licking it trying to seduce Carly. Both girls are feeling hot and horny in the steamy hot tub, the prosecco is making them feel a little tipsy. Candi then puts the strawberry into Carly’s mouth she asks her if she likes licking the strawberry. The frisky brunette tells Carly to take her bikini top off, Carly is feeling really naughty and happily does what she is told.
Candi rubs the strawberry over her big erect nipples she tells Carly she won’t want a man again. Carly Rae tells Candi Kayne she wants to lick her pussy she wants to know what it’s like, she’s a dirty little bitch really. Candi then sits on the side of the hot tub and Carly licks her pussy, Candi moans in delight. Candi tells Carly how she likes it and groans with pleasure. Candi then tells Carly she wants to taste her and starts licking her out Carly loves having her pussy licked her boyfriend never pleased her like this. Both girls seductively kiss pressing their big wet boobs against each other they are both so hot and horny.
They get a bit chilly outside so they decide to go inside into the bathroom they continue teasing and seducing each other Candi takes the lead as she knows how to please a woman. Candi lies on the bathroom cupboard and tells Carly to lick her clit and finger her pussy. Carly’s lipstick is all over Candi’s pussy. The blonde and brunette really know how to please each other. Carly spits on her fingers and rubs it all over Candi’s pussy. Candi then pushes Carly forcefully onto the side board and parts her legs she then starts to lick her clit, Carly is so turned on they kiss and taste each other’s pussy.
Candi bends over doggy while Carly fingers her pussy. Carly kisses Candi’s lovely round bum. Carly then lies on the floor and licks Candi out while playing with her clit she plunges her tongue in and out of her pussy. They both sit together side by side and finger each other. Candi then starts pleasuring Carly and pleasuring herself. Candi then tells Carly she’s taking her to the bedroom to finish her off. To be continued…

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