Lesbian Punishment


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Jasmin is so angry that her best friend Lola has been having an affair with her husband, she wants to know what it is that Lola has/does better than her. Lola comes downstairs to comfort Jasmin and wants to say sorry. Jasmin has a stiff drink to calm her nerves and one thing leads to another. Both ladies get very intimate at the bar and Jasmin takes off Lola’s underwear and starts to kiss and fondle with her arse and tits.
Jasmin takes Lola somewhere comfier so they can play some more, Lola undresses Jasmin and the two sexy ladies are so horny and wet they can’t wait to get down and dirty. Jasmin gets Lola to start licking her pussy whilst she relaxes on the sofa. Lola starts to caress Jasmin’s pussy and slips her fingers inside to tease, it’s not long before Jasmin wants to be in control, she then gets Lola to bend over on the sofa with her big choco ass in the air and starts to finger her before she licks her nice wet juicy chocolate pussy. Lola and Jasmin are so horny, this cheating drama is really turning them on.
Jasmin wants to take things further goes and gets her big fat dildo to see just how Lola sucks her husband’s cock. Jasmin makes her suck it and then puts it in her pussy and thrusts away. Jasmin can feel Lola’s tight pussy around her dildo. They talk dirty to each other as Jasmin wants to punish Lola in a sexual way. Nice and slow and then faster and harder. She rubs the dildo on her clit and then pushes it back in her tight little pussy, Lola is so wet, she moans with pleasure as Jasmin twists and turns the dildo pushing it back and forth inside her. Lola’s legs tremble as she cums, this has satisfied Jasmin, they agree they are still best friends and that Lola has made it up to her. This may become a regular thing.

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