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Going to the gym is an essential part of your routine. Getting that endorphin rush while working out always starts your day off right. Beyond that, checking out your trainer's hot girlfriend Avery Black is another perk of hitting the weights. Today is a bit different though. Your trainer isn't able to make it, but Avery Black showed up and seems to be stretching right in your line of sight. Avery keeps bending over and making her tight booty shorts stretch over her perfect ass. To top it off, she keeps looking back at you and giggling. All but inviting you to make a move. Perhaps you should. You know Avery Black is a freak and besides, she has been flirting with you every chance she gets. Perhaps you can get that full body workout with Avery's perfectly tight pussy. Time to put up or shut up. Time to go balls deep in your trainer's girlfriend.


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