Mandy Waters in “My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend”


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My dad is dating this hot, sexy girl, Mandy Waters, and oh-man is she a babe! She called me to pick her up at the airport because my dad was busy. As I left her she started to eye me up and down and teased me on how much I remind her of my dad. She invited me into her place and I saw she has a stripper pole. Then she tells me the story of how she was a stripper and that is how she met my dad. Immediately, she wanted to give me a pole and lap dance. Mandy noticed my big cock trying to rip out of my pants and she couldn't resist taking my cock in her tight pussy! This'll be a naughty secret I'll take to the grave.My dad is an idiot. His hot girlfriend, Mandy Waters, is stuck in the airport because he forgot to pick her up so she called me. Of course, I came to the rescue with the hopes of being "rewarded" if you know what I mean. Well, sure enough, my fantasy came true. She invited me into her place and showed me the stripper pole she had installed. Turns out she's a stripper and that is how she met my dad. Mandy put on a dance and strip show for me as a thank you and in the middle of the lap dance, she noticed that my cock is way bigger than my dad's. Intrigued and turned on, she uses my big hard cock as her personal stripper pole.

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