Midnight Pool Fuck


Oculus Rift/DK1/DK2 - HTC VIVE Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

In their luxurious peaceful pool room, Jasmin and you (her husband) are in there relaxing after an argument over you cheating on her with her best friend. You are relaxing by the pool whilst Jasmin is having a swim to release some tension.
Jasmin swims closer to him, “are you not coming in the pool babe? Are you just gonna lay there?” she is feeling extremely horny and wants some close contact. After being ignored, she swims over to the ladders and gets out of the pool. “I may as well come up here and join you then.” Jasmin starts to dry herself off with the towel “you look really sexy lay there” she says just itching to get her pussy wrapped around his cock, she bites her lips “have you been watching me? I will give you a little strip tease.” She starts to pull off her bright pink bikini top and wiggles her hips. Jasmin lets her hair down loose and then starts to pull down her bikini bottoms. She gets the towel and continues to dry herself whilst bending over in front of you to try and tease some more. “I think you have something for me in your shorts? Like maybe a bulge?” she leans closer and feels your cock. She giggles a little “I think someone is happy to see me!”
Jasmin leans over and starts to rub on the ‘bulge’ in your shorts “what have you got in there for me? Something I can play with? Well if you’re not going to come in the pool then I may as well join you in here” she continues to rub your cock seductively. Jasmin starts to pull your shorts down and reveals your big hard cock that is waiting for her wet pussy, she starts to wank your cock “do you like that?” she keeps her eye contact strong. “I will give your cock a nice hard rub, I like feeling your fat dick in my hand, with a nice firm grasp. It’s such a turn on giving you a nice hard wank”
Jasmin is just dying to get you sexy cock in her mouth! She is looking at it like a fat boy and cake! “you know what I really wanna do? Get your cock in my mouth!” as she starts to lick “you don’t mind if I give it a suck, do you?” she puts her mouth firmly around your bell end and starts to push her head down, then back up going deeper each time. Jasmin starts to pull down your shorts gently, she is ready to fuck your hard cock “let’s get these shorts off you”. Jasmin continues to suck your hard cock “you are making my pussy so fucking wet right now… wanna have a feel?” she gets up and starts over you with her pussy right over your cock, “rub my pussy” she demands, so your start to rub her wet pussy lips and start to push your fingers in “yes that’s it fucking slide your fingers right in there” you can’t help but play with your big hard dick. She plays with her tits are you start to rub your cock on her pussy. “I must sit right on your hard dick right now, in,” she tells you as she leans in and grasps your cock with one hand. Jasmin rubs her pussy up and down on your cock before she slides into her pussy hole. “Oh, fuck get that cock nice and deep” she starts to ride you eagerly, she has wanted this all day. “I will bounce on your cock nice and hard.” She lets out some steam. It’s not long before she starts to moan loudly, “so fucking good!” she bounces up and down on your cock. Her tits bounce as she plays with them and starts to grind her hips, “I’m gonna grind on your dick!”.
“you wanna see my arse bounce up and down on your cock?” she turns around and bends over in fronton your grasping you cock she rubs her pussy with it from her clit to her arse hole. You spank her sexy fat arse “oh yes, fucking rub your dick on my pussy” she moans. She slowly puts it in and starts to bounce her arse up and down, it jiggles as she bounces. You spank her more, “oh yes that’s it, spank me, spank me whilst I bounce so fucking hard on your dick!” Jasmin is moaning loudly she loves the feeling on your cock in her pussy. “Nice fat cock inside my pussy, SPANK ME yes, can you hear my fucking pussy slapping against your balls? Do you like that fucking sound? Can you hear that slapping on your fucking balls?”. She gets faster and faster as she turns you on more. Jasmin pulls your cock out and bends over so you can finger her pussy she wants it so bad as you slap your cock on her arse cheeks. “I want you to fucking bend me over and fuck me from behind”.
You bend her over and she has her arse cocked up in the air waiting for your big fat dick to insert right into her pussy. “Slide that cock right inside my pussy” as you start to slide your cock into her, “that’s it fucking take me from behind” you spank her arse getting turned on by her dominant dirty talk. Jasmin starts to bounce back onto you as you start thrusting. “that’s it slam your fucking cock right inside me”. She loves it she is getting frisky with her words she wants it deeper and deeper as she moans louder and faster. “oh, yes fuck me hard, that’s is deeper that’s it fucking do me, do me hard”. Jasmin gets up and lies on her back and she wants you to wank over her while she touches her pussy “come on fucking wank over me, I want you to wank over me and fucking cum all over me.” She demands you to as you start to wank you hard cock. “wank your fucking dick nice n hard and get that fucking spunk all over me!” she can’t help but get turned on whilst you play with your cock, she rubs her pussy and tits. Jasmin gets so excited when you spunk all over her body “I love it when you spunk all over me” she starts to rub it all around her body.

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