Your Slutty Hotel Girlfriend


Oculus Rift/DK1/DK2 - HTC VIVE Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

Roxxy Lea has gone on a dirty weekend with her boyfriend she can’t wait to get him in the bedroom to fuck his brains out.
Roxxy Lea looks hot in her lacy lingerie her boyfriend is erect just looking at her, he is quick to lie down on the bed and let her take control over him. Roxxy teases him stroking his big cock with her cute little feet. She knows her boyfriend has a foot fetish, and this will drive him crazy. Roxxy gives him a blowjob sucking his cock hard with those big red lips, she spits all over his dick and goes deep throat. Roxxy sucks his balls and teases him more by licking the tip of his penis.
Her boyfriend is very excited now his cock is throbbing hard, Roxxy knows how to turn him on. He knows his girlfriend is a dirty slut in the bedroom and he likes it! Roxxy gets on top of him she doesn’t need permission. She slips down her lingerie and shows her lovely perky boobs, she fucks him harder and harder he loves looking at her silky smooth pussy. Roxxy loves fucking his cock and feeling his balls against her ass. She leans right back and tells him to dig deep and fuck her harder she can feel her pussy tighten, her hard pierced clit is tingling.
Roxxy loves feeling his big hard cock deep inside her, she asks him if he likes feeling her wet pussy and tells him she is going to fuck him harder, she cries out and tells him to dig his dick in deeper she tells him she loves it. Roxxy slows down and slowly licks her lips as she grinds her hips she doesn’t want to orgasm yet.
Roxxy then moves into reverse cowgirl, her boyfriend parts her cheeks to look at her little butthole as she fucks him. Roxxy fucks him harder he loves watching her nice tanned arse bounce up and down on his cock. She moans with pleasure as his big hard cock fills her tight little pussy. Roxxy Lea knows how to please her boyfriend and continues to fuck his brains out.
Roxxys boyfriend feels her pussy tighten as she groans louder and fucks him harder they both cum. Roxxy slowly lifts herself off his slippery cock his spunk still dripping from her pussy. Roxxy turns around and massages the spunk around his knob and knowing she satisfied him she smiles as she says “you liked that didn’t you”.

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