Sophia Burns in “Naughty Office”


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My boss, Sophia Burns, has been stressing a lot lately. I really think she needs to get laid; that'd do her some good. Today, she bit my head off over some reports. She knew she was in the wrong and apologized. Then I thought now's the time to help her chillax and let loose. I offered her a massage and she took the bait. Soon enough, she was craving my dick in her mouth and pussy for a naughty orgasmic time. I gave her exactly what she needed.My boss is sexy as fuck and I've been fantasizing about her big ass bouncing up and down my dick. I knew it'd be a tough sell to get her to let loose and put her guard down because she's been so stressed in the office. But today, I used it to my advantage. I offer to give her a massage to loosen up. She takes it and in turn, wants more as soon as she notices my cock bulge. Seeing her in that lingerie was more than I could have imagined. Her big ass and beautiful wet pussy was absolutely perfect. Now let's see if I can get her to do this more often.

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