Stepmom Stuck In Bathroom


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Your bathroom is a mess as usual and your stepmom Kiki is not happy about it as she has to keep cleaning it. She wants you to do it from now on but one more time she starts to clean it. As she bends over her bracelet gets caught on the drawer and you get the perfect view of her sexy ass. You decide to take quick opportunity to jerk off to it as she is busy getting untangled. Unfortunately for you she gets it loose and catches you with your hard cock I your hand! First she yells at you but soon she turns the tables on you. She wants you to give her a jerk off show. As you have no other option, she starts to undress herself and slowly masturbate right in front of you! What else could happen? Few days later, she sees your bathroom and for the last time she would clean it for you. And surprise! She gets her bracelet caught again! Now you get even more bold and take down her panties and finger her wet pussy. She hates it and loves it at the same time. Now would she let you put your hard cock inside her stepmom pussy for your pleasure?

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