The Return of Angel Dark


Oculus Rift/DK1/DK2 - HTC VIVE Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

Every once in a while, we hit a truly memorable porn movie, looks like this is one of those VR Porn moments. We are in an elegant apartment with the truly stunning Angel Dark the slinky little Slovak from Košice and her equally tantalizing playmate Venera Maxim. Angel talks to the camera and asks, “Do you like my friend”? “Do you want to play with us, are you ready”? Angel in the blue with the raven black hair and Venera in her peach red outfit will blow you away. It’s unfortunate that so far you can’t actually get a blowjob via VR Porn. Rather than try to talk through the scene flow, consider what you’d best like to see. Girl-on-girl action, two of the most beautiful creatures you’ve ever seen, dribbling baby oil over each other's tits as they are stripped off. Take a look at the perfect nipples hard and erect as their electrically charged sexual energy sets them both off. They play with each other, touching each other's fabulously shaped boobs, licking and teasing the nipples. That baby oil is dribbling down from the tits, across those hot bodies, it snakes down their skin, seeping into pussy lips, buttocks and oozing between their legs. They know exactly what the other wants. Licking each other's perfectly shaved pussies, the word cunt is not beautiful enough to describe the sheer feminine essence of those wet tingling fanny lips. Both girls' asses are covered in baby oil. They glisten, and our VR Porn cam captures it all in sensational detail. In goes a long elegant girl's finger, slipping it gently between her pussy lips, they both sticky and wet with excitement and oil. They touch, lick and flick each other's intimate zones, going down on one another like this is more of a joyous experience than just cunnilingus. What do you think they like best? I think slipping a slender finger into an asshole, or perhaps it’s a girl's glossy lips and hot excited tongue in the pussy? Maybe it's tit play that makes your day. These two are truly amazing, aren’t they? Let's hope the Angel Dark comes to our VR world again soon. Anyway, as you can see, Slovakia offers much to tempt us, we bring everything close with the technical transformation of porn so you can spank your monkey and wank until you are dizzy. Thanks for watching and keep on wanking. Reality Lovers takes you there in VR.

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