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Missy Luv is conflicted. Her first semester at college has been eventful. She fell instantly in lust with one of her professors and the handsome young man returned her feelings. Knowing it was a bad idea, she had an affair with him anyway. He quickly ended things, leaving her feeling hurt, rejected and confused. In this VR porn movie, Missy went to see the school’s therapist hoping he could make her feel better. She confesses to the affair and when the psychologist doesn’t believe her, she shows him evidence from her phone. Reminding her that these photos could get the professor fired and Missy threw out of school, he agrees to help her and make the evidence go away. All she has to do is anything and everything he says. He has her strip out of her panties and then gags her with them while he plays with her tight young body. He has other plans for her mouth though and stuffs his dick between her hungry lips. For the second time since leaving for college, Missy is sucking the cock of a much older man and she loves it just as much with this one. After getting warmed up, he spins her around and enters her pussy from behind. This is not what she was expecting, but the psychologist was right. His long, deep strokes are helping her feel better and before long she is licking her juices from his cock and waiting for his next instructions. He has her ride his dick until he positions her on her knees to shoot a big load all over her face. Before she leaves he promises to take care of the pictures, suggests she forgets about her professor and prescribes weekly counselling sessions. Missy can’t wait. College is so fun.

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