Unlock Your Black Friday Deal


Oculus Rift/DK1/DK2 - HTC VIVE Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

Alexis Wilson, young and beautiful VR pornstar, comes home from college for the weekend to find her stepbrother setting up tables of clothes in the driveway. You have a sign advertising a “Black Friday sale.” She wonders where you got all the cool clothes and you tell her that they belong to your ex. She dumped you and now you're going to get even by selling off all of her things to pay for a trip. Three girls: Zazie Skymm, Lya Cutie, and Milancheek, show up immediately and start going through the clothes. Alexis can’t believe it, but you are offering such great deals that they are actually fighting over the outfits. Your ex loved dressing up in slutty outfits and Alexis sees a few that she really likes. She dives in there with the other girls to grab her favorites. Watching them is driving you crazy and you come up with an idea you hope they will like. You will give the clothes away to any girl who will suck your big, hard cock. Alexis wants to know if the offer applies to her. Of course it does and she dives right in with the other three to get her mouth full. The girls take turns sucking on your meat. Each one of them does a better job than your ex ever did, but Alexis seems to be trying the hardest to make you throb. Lya Cutie is the first one to suggest that she is willing to do more than suck cock to get her pick of the outfits. She takes the first ride, but the others quickly follow suit, including your horny stepsister. You have so much VR porn fun fucking the four tight, juicy pussies that you lose track of who is banging. It doesn’t really matter because they all take you deep and you love thrusting into each of them. They get together and share your load, letting you cover their pretty faces before cleaning up, taking the clothes, and heading off.

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