VR Nurse Michelle Thorne


Oculus Rift/DK1/DK2 - HTC VIVE Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

Mr. Jones is back at the hospital again, previously he visited the hospital to see VR Porn Nurse Lucy as he had a problem with ejaculation. Now he’s back again because having problems with getting an erection. Sexy Nurse Michelle Thorne enters the room wearing her skin tight latex nurse uniform. Her massive tits are bursting out of it. She starts to read his chart to diagnose his medical issue. She seductively licks her lips and bends over the bed towards him she tells him she is an expert at making cocks big and hard and she can fix his problem.
Nurse Michelle Thorne bends over the bed towards him she has no knickers on, her stethoscope dangles between her big full tits, she leans over her patient her big full tits are right in his face as she presses the stethoscope to his chest The slutty nurse asks him to breath in and out very slowly, as she gazes into his eyes.
Nurse Michelle then pulls back the blanket she is taken by surprise by the size of his semi hard cock, she knows this will be an easy patient. Nurse Michelle then moves her mouth with her full bright red lips toward the tip of his now very hard erect throbbing cock.
Nurse Michelle teases him by licking the tip of his cock then slowly running it down the shaft of his penis, her patient is getting very excited. She then starts to suck him harder and harder going deep throat, she loves the taste of his cock. Her patient is now rock hard his cock is pulsating he wants to fuck Nurse Michelle so bad.
Nurse Michelle moves to the end of the bed and faces her patient she moves her cute little feet with painted red toenails towards his penis, she slowly starts to moves her feet up and down the length of his huge 8-inch cock she gazes into his eyes while she foot wanks him. Her patient loves the sensation of feeling her toes tickle the tip of his cock. She feels her big round tits and licks her lips Nurse Michelle knows she is doing a good job.
The sexy nurse then pulls down her skin tight latex dress and exposes those big round juicy tits. She plays with her hard erect pink nipples she slowly lifts her dress and strides him. Her patient can see her nice little pussy she’s already juicy she slowly enters his cock into her very wet pussy. She moves up and down his cock slowly at first legs astride him, the filthy nurse then leans further back and fucks him harder. She moans with excitement she loves the feeling of his big cock inside her tight little pussy. Nurse Michelle slowly turns around moving into reverse cowgirl. Her patient can barely contain his excitement as he watches her perky firm bum move up and down while her wet pussy takes the length of his cock. She fucks him hard and groans louder the filthy nurse loves cock and can’t get enough of it. She moves to a sitting position and pounds his cock harder and harder her firm thighs tighten as fucks him harder and harder.
Her patient now wants to fuck this hot little nurse he moves her into doggy style on the bed and fucks her hard he loves watching his cock enter her tight pink pussy. She groans and tells him she loves his big cock and begs him to keep fucking her. She arches her feet and bites her lip she loves being fucked so hard. He then tells her to lie on her back so he can fuck her missionary.
He finds it so exhilarating watching those big tits wobble while he fucks her she gazes into his eyes and tells him to fuck her harder. He feels her pussy tighten around his cock he knows she is going to come as she moans louder and louder. He can’t contain his excitement he fucks her faster and harder he pulls out and squirts his man juice all over her pussy and big round tits.
Nurse Michelle Thorne lies there for a moment enjoying the feeling of his warm cum all over her she then looks into his eyes and says……….. “I don’t think you have a problem with your erection, I just think you like fucking slutty nurse. She gives a cheeky smile and winks at him.

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