Whitney Wright In “Afternoon Anal Affair”


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The three-year itch is finally getting scratched! You’ve been at your job with Whitney Wright that long, and you finally broached the subject of your massive crush on her. And just like that, you’re now making out in a jacuzzi with her while her boyfriend’s at work! Good on ya for taking action like you should have three years ago, and — OH SHIT HER BOYFRIEND’S HOME, SUBMERGE! That was a close call!! Good thing you hid yourself under that hot water, because he only stopped by for a minute, and now Whitney’s ready to suck your dick and get it good and hard for her big ass! Yup, anal sex with that big, juicy bubble butt! What have you been doing the past three years?!? There’s a girl at work with a boyfriend…but she wants you to fuck her in the ass! That’s the latest Naughty America VR porn experience that will leave you drained and extremely satisfied! Whitney Wright does the honors as the virtual sex goddess who invites you into her jacuzzi while her man is at work, so pull on your swim trunks, strap on your waterproof VR headset and prepare for ANYTHING. Watch out…there’s always the chance her boyfriend could come home early while she’s sucking your dick! It’s dangerous and exciting, and it’s anal sex with your co-worker and her big ass!

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