Let’s Stretch… After the Exercise


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You are on the yoga mat, stretching. Andrew sits on the edge of the mat and starts to caress your feet, and then he goes up through the legs little by little. Then he goes down again, squeezing your legs and feet, in a sensual way. But he starts to look at your boobs and he caresses them before asking you if he can see them. He takes off your top and licks your nipples, giving you an electric feeling of pleasure. Next, he takes off your leggings to give you a pussy licking. After this foreplay and after masturbating him for a while, he sticks his dick inside of you, showing you his amazing muscles, and you feel a huge pleasure going over your entire body. Then, you get on top of him and you ride him in cowgirl-style. You keep fucking in different positions until you both come.

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